Petersburg Youth Ministry

“My dear young people, only Jesus knows what is in your hearts and your deepest desires. Only He, who has loved you to the end (cf. Jn 13:1), can fulfill your aspirations. His are words of eternal life, words that give meaning to life. No one apart from Christ can give you true happiness. By following the example of Mary, you should know how to give Him your unconditional “yes”. There is no place in your lives for selfishness or laziness. Now more than ever it is crucial that you be “watchers of the dawn”, the lookouts who announce the light of dawn and the new springtime of the Gospel of which the buds can already be seen. Humanity is in urgent need of the witness of free and courageous young people who dare to go against the tide and proclaim with vigour and enthusiasm their personal faith in God, Lord and Savior.”
– Pope Saint John Paul II 

2023–2024 Schedule & Calendar

St. Lawrence K–8: every Wednesday 6:45–8pm at St. Lawrence
St. John K–8: every Wednesday 6:45–8pm at St. John
St. Joseph K–8: every Wednesday 6:45–8pm at St. Joseph
Immaculate Conception K–8: every Wednesday 6:45–8pm at Immaculate Conception
Life Teen (all high school): every Wednesday 6:30–8:30pm at St. Joseph

Any child, from any parish, can attend CCD at any location.

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2024 Steubenville Registration

Registration for Steubenville is now open! 2024 conference will be held July 12–14! Find the registration & details here!

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