Sacred Music

“The musical tradition of the universal Church is a treasure of inestimable value, greater even than that of any other art. The main reason for this pre-eminence is that, as sacred song united to the words, it forms a necessary or integral part of the solemn liturgy.”
Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy from the Second Vatican Council n. 112

The musical tradition of the Catholic Church is rich and valuable. It raises hearts and minds to God and teaches us about God and the salvation He offers us. Beyond mere taste, we attempt to “sing the Mass” not simply “sing at Mass.” As the Second Vatican Council says, Sacred Music, “adds delight to prayer, fosters unity of minds, or confers greater solemnity upon the sacred rites.”

Our Hymnal

Beginning in Advent of 2023, we have utilized the St. Augustine Hymnal. Watch the video from Fr. Sean and Fr. Willig about the hymnal below! We are also in the process of building a library of the music to assist our cantors. The library can be found here.

Get Involved in Sacred Music

There are many ways to get involved in Sacred Music. There are various choirs you can be a part of, or, you may be a cantor, who leads the congregation in their sung parts of the Mass.

St. Joseph, Wapakoneta – contact: Adam Fahncke (419)-738-2115 or
Roles: Cantor, Adult Choir, Funeral Choir, Children’s Choir, Bell Choir

Immaculate Conception, Botkins – contact: Anthony Moeder
Roles: Cantor and Funeral Choir

St. John, Fryburg – contact: Louise Westbay
Roles: Cantor

St. Lawrence, Rhine – contact Judy Meyer after Mass at St. Lawrence in the choir loft
Roles: Cantor and Choir

There are also possibilities to sing at weddings, which are oftentimes paid. Please contact Adam Fahncke if you’re interested.