Proposed Abortion Amendment: Issue 1

“Ohio does not need a constitutional amendment that only perpetuates violence and a culture of death. I urge Catholics and all people of goodwill to pray earnestly for the defeat of this extreme amendment; to educate yourselves and your family and friends about the dangers of the proposed amendment; and to vote NO on November 7. Beyond that, we must continue our commitment to caring for women, children and families.”

– Archbishop Schnurr Read the full letter here.

The following explanation of the consequences of the proposed abortion amendment are provided by Protect Women Ohio. Protect Women Ohio is a coalition of concerned family and life leaders, parents, health and medical experts, and faith leaders in Ohio committed to fighting back against the abortion industry’s dangerous proposed amendment. This amendment would:

  1. Erase the basic rights of parents.
    – Parents would not need to provide consent or be notified before their minor daughter undergoes a life-altering procedure, like abortion or sex-change surgery.
    – Language similar to the language in the proposed amendment has been interpreted by courts to nullify parental notification and consent laws. Any law that “directly or indirectly” would “burden” or “interfere” with “reproductive decisions” is specifically forbidden – meaning parents could be cut out of the most important decisions their children make.
  2. Jeopardize basic health and safety protections for patients when it comes to abortions.
    – The radical amendment would likely abolish existing health and safety protections for women, like those requiring that pregnant women seeking an abortion be screened and counseled by a licensed doctor who could transfer her to a hospital if something went wrong.
  3. Allow painful, late-term abortions, even after 15 weeks and right up until the moment of birth.
    – The amendment would greenlight abortion all the way up to birth by giving abortionists the final say on what’s allowed.
    – Constitutional scholars Carrie Campbell Severino and Frank J. Scaturro recently wrote in their legal analysis that the amendment language would “effectively obliterate most limits to abortion or sex-change surgery.” Accessible here:

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What You Can Do


Pray for an increase in respect for life and human dignity. Join the 54-Day Rosary Novena which begins September 15th (Feast of Our Lady of Sorrows) and ends November 7th (election day). Sign up here.


Educate yourself and others about the dangers of this amendment. Read the “Where Does it Say That?” document from the Catholic Conference of Ohio to learn about the language of amendment. Also read up on the FAQs about the amendment, found here.

Know the Facts about Issue 1

Vote No

We are called to defend the dignity of life and promote a culture of virtue while caring for women, the unborn, and families. Let us pray fervently and work diligently to defend life. Register to vote here and find your voting location here.

Ministry to Women

Hope & Healing after an Abortion: Project Rachel

Project Rachel is a confidential post-abortive ministry in the Catholic Church that serves those who have been affected by abortion. The Project Rachel Ministry helps women and men journey to hope and healing by discovering God’s love and grace through a network of spiritual counselors, advocates, and peer-to-peer ministry. Women and men who have carried guilt and shame for years can find mercy through reconciliation and spiritual direction. (source:

The Lord and His Church stand with arms lovingly open to those who have been affected by abortion. Learn more at Project Rachel Ohio’s website.

Archdiocesan Services to Women & Families

The Archdiocese of Cincinnati provides compassionate services to those facing difficult situations, including assistance to families and children, pregnant women, and practical, emotional, and spiritual support to those carrying heavy burdens. Learn more at the Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s website.


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