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Initial Plan for Opening

Effective May 25th

General Notes

• The faithful are dispensed from Sunday Mass until further notice. At risk and elderly parishioners are encouraged to stay home.
• If you want to come to Mass, you don’t have to come to Mass on Sunday (you can come another day of the week). There is no obligation to come on Sunday.
• At the start, please don’t come every day, while we gauge how much room there is for people.
• The faithful are encouraged to wear a face mask, removed for reception of communion.
• This is a gradual re-opening. It won’t be “back to normal.”

The Schedule

• The schedule has been posted to Facebook and on our website on the home page.
• The 9:15am Sunday Mass at St. Joseph will be the St. John Mass.
• The 8:30am Sunday Mass at Immaculate Conception will be the St. Lawrence Mass

Seating (social distancing)

• For the evening Masses and Sunday morning Masses, ushers will be present to seat people. Please be patient and go to assigned seat. Please begin arriving 30 minutes before Mass.
• Morning Daily Mass, please seat yourself while practicing social distancing.
• At each Mass, ushers are asked to take a head count and also count how many they had to turn away.
• We will begin by filling up the front of the Church and working back. The lofts will be the last area to be filled.
• Please wear a mask. You can wear gloves if you want. Remove both before receiving Holy Communion.
• At this point, we won’t be ticketing or requiring preregistration. Although this is a possibility if needed.
• There will be no altar servers (except seminarian Tony and the deacons).


• We will be removing all the hymnals from the Churches.
• We will be utilizing familiar hymns. Each Saturday/Sunday Mass will conclude with a Marian hymn.
• We won’t have choirs, only cantors.
• Adam Fahncke will be compiling a worship aide for the four parishes.
• We will have minimal music for the offertory hymn because there won’t be gift procession or the passing of the basket.

Open Hours and Confession

• The Churches will be open their normal times.
• St. Lawrence will be open for Masses on Monday and throughout the day on Monday.
• Immaculate Conception will open in the morning and close between 7:00pm and 8:00pm.
• St. John is always open.
• St. Joseph will open early Monday-Friday and close at 5:00pm when the offices close. On Saturday it will be open 9:00am to 6:30pm and Sunday the Church will close after 11:00pm Mass.
• Confession will be the pre-COVID schedule, as seen below the Mass times on the home page.


• Collection baskets won’t be passed. Baskets will be placed near the doors.
• To ensure that collections go to the proper parish, utilize a collection envelope or bring an envelope with the parish’s name written on it.
• Envelopes won’t be out for you to utilize. Sharing materials would share germs.
• You can still utilize bill pay through your bank or online giving through the website.
• The loose collection for the 9:15am Mass at St. Joseph will go to St. John and the loose collection for the 8:30am Mass at Immaculate Conception will go to St. Lawrence.


• The Church will be cleaned after every Mass. We have purchased sanitizer that kills the coronavirus but won’t damage the pews as long as it is sprayed on a rag. Please help clean up!
• If you are able and willing to sign up to clean after a Mass every week, please contact Cindy Quellhorst at or call 419-738-2115.

Holy Communion

• The Precious Blood will not be distributed.
• As you process for Holy Communion, please practice social distancing with those who aren’t your family members.
• For Communion distributors, if you aren’t comfortable distributing at this time, please indicate you are unavailable on Ministry Scheduler Pro or call the parish office.
• All distributors will use hand sanitizer before proceeding to the sanctuary.
• If you are wearing gloves and a mask, please remove them before receiving the Eucharist.
• If you would like to receive Holy Communion on your tongue, please go to the priest’s line.

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